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As part of our relationship with our investor community, we run regular roundtables on a number of key topics. Click below to register for one or download insights.

Crypto Investing for Family Offices Webinars - closed

Discussion points

  • How central banking strategies may drive the value of crypto

  • Macro-economic factors driving valuations over the next 5 – 10 years

  • Strategies to maximise returns from Digital Assets investments

  • How Family Offices avoid the Pitfalls of owning Bitcoin and other Digital Assets

  • Solutions to protect the value of Digital Assets in a downturn

  • The structure and nature of the Buain Digital Opportunities Fund, and why it is unique


Exponential Investing - closed

Discussion points 

This roundtable will focus on the macro sectors that Family Offices could consider, and compares them in terms of Risk and Returns. It also explores philosophies to isolate disruptive sectors that have exponential growth expectations and early exit options.

  • How is exponential growth triggered?

  • Examples of disruptive & exponential sectors

  • Why there is safety in these sectors

  • Which sectors for the future?

22-25 Nov 2021

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Biotechnology and Longevity Research - closed

Discussion points

This roundtable will focus on the Biotechnology sector and Longevity research. It will likely consider valuation methods for different Biotech investments,  research paths, major players, and their roles and demystifies technologies such as Gene Therapy, Stem Cells, New Pharma, and the use of AI in biotech development.

  • What are the inflection points in a Biotech company’s progress?

  • Which areas of longevity research are the most promising?

  • Examples of key Longevity research that is investable now, and can provide near term returns

  • Ideal exit strategies

  • When will Longevity research bear fruit in the mass market?

1-10 Dec 2021

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